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Our Bubbles Dog Grooming

Tiny Bubbles Puppy Package includes 4 specialized visits introducing your puppy to our grooming process.

Bubble 1

15 minute – 30 minutes including hands-on 
instruction, meet & greet with our groomers for play, smells, sounds, handling, and treats! 


A 30 minute visit reinforcing skills needed for a lifetime introduction to grooming tools, more sounds, smells, treats, with the addition of brushing, a nail trim, or tidy trim as needed.

Bubble 2
Bubble 3

A 45 minute visit for
socializing, mini-groom, and more reinforcement, and solid skill building.


Full groom where the puppy gains confidence and begins to experience how good it feels to be well-groomed. Puppies by now anticipate your delighted reaction in seeing how gorgeous they look after their grooming! Bows, or  bandannas complimentary!

Bubble 4

Tiny Bubbles Puppies get to run around our dog grooming shop, with a staff person supervising, smelling things and discovering the shop on its own. We socialize them to the sounds, the smells, and the equipment. We teach them holding, combing and brushing, clipping, washing and drying and grooming GRADUALLY – in small doses – while they are very young and can easily adapt. 

All puppy packages are subject to breed, coat & groomers discretion. 



nail clipping


blow drying


puppy combing &  brushing

puppy bathing

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